True Facts

I haven’t shaved in almost a week because I haven’t finished unpacking from Utopia. Or put on make up. Thankfully, I have a spare thing of deodorant in the bathroom or my husband would probably be having words with me. I took ZERO pictures at the conference. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated in the summer as a pregnant woman … Read More

New Year, (Nearly) New Everything

Chattanooga TN Sunset

I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks. At first there were delays because we were waiting on decisions. Then we were waiting on information. Then I kept mum (socially) because I wanted to surprise a very dear friend in person. And then a trip was put off and I wanted to surprise other friends in person. Now … Read More

The world we grow up in


October 31 — a Russian plane crashed after a homemade explosive detonated. 224 dead. November 12 — suicide bombings kill 44 in Beirut, Lebanon. November 13 — a series of attacks in Paris kills at least 128. November 19 — the US house of representatives rushes through a bill that will severely limit number of refugees accepted into the States if it … Read More

Regarding Paris

I have looked at one post (Reuters) and Twitter. I do not intend to be on Facebook for the next few days.

We dressed up pretty and walked across the ship…


The lovely Erin Wilcox filmed a bit of our “parade” across the ship. It was deemed previously that one of our formal dinner nights would also be a cosplay night, for those who wished to participate. I borrowed a Regency outfit from Mary Robinette Kowal.   Look at that demure hair! Thanks to Kristine Nelson for taking the photo. Seeing … Read More

I don’t understand how a non electric coffee maker can cost so much.


Love coffee? Live on-the-go? Have $295 to spend? No, for real. I saw this on Amazon and the product itself is MADE for me. Nomad + Espresso = SOLD. No electricity required? Rock on. Small in size? Absolutely! Fancy coffee made easily? Duh. But for $295, it better make the best espresso I’ve ever tasted in my life and come … Read More

WXR15 — the silly version

WXR15 alumni

This is the silly version because my brain is still catching up from 1. awesomeness, 2. lack of sleep, 3. intensity. Last week I went on a cruise. Not just any cruise, but a writing workshop/retreat cruise. AND not just any writing workshop/retreat cruise (because there are so many), but a Writing Excuses writing workshop/retreat cruise. It was pretty magical. … Read More

Yesterday was my birthday!


Huzzah! A great many thanks to those who sent wishes. I have reached the solid age of twenty-eight and I suspect I will have quite a few more birthdays in the future. I had a good day, quite chill. In the evening, Jonathan and I went to the best place to get fish in town (Lazlo’s — you have to stumble … Read More

I Took a Month and a Half Facebook Sabbatical

Saigon Adentro, Bocas del Toro, Panama

And here are the three things I learned during this life-changing event! … not. Really, it was just a thing I needed to do for myself. It’s not even an infrequent thing for me, but it did happen to be the longest break I’d intentially taken from Facebook. I have this theory of social currency. (Forgive me if you’ve heard … Read More

Practicing Self Care as Writers

hieu le at unsplash

Practicing self care is important for anyone in any walk of life. Why does it seem particularly hard for creatives? It’s something I’ve tried to cultivate in myself over the past few years, putting more emphasis on how I am and who I am versus what I do or produce. I’ve recently talked with several writer friends who have been … Read More